The Problem with ‘Do It Yourself’ Religion

If I had to describe ‘The New Age Spiritual Movement’ in its current state, I would say that it is a kind of ‘do it yourself’ religion. It’s a form of spirituality with no central dogma nor discernible identity and is something that means ‘different things to different people’. In other words, what people call ‘spirituality’ is quite hard to define. […]

The Courage to Face Bad News

It takes great courage to face bad news. Due to the fact that human beings have a natural aversion to awful or terrible events, it takes a conscious decision on your part to face up to bad news. To willingly pay attention to something that is irksome is a test of maturity. It is also one […]

On the Eve of The Great Depression 2.0

The purpose of this article is to raise awareness about an issue that I – and many market analysts – foresee. It’s about the coming of further economic crisis. A crisis that will have a dramatic effect on society that very few are prepared for. I have written about this before in several articles such […]

Higher Awareness: The Problem of Narrow Mindedness in Spirituality

Last night, I conducted a discussion at the weekly Skyflowers study group. We talked about a set topic and during the conversation, we ‘drifted sideways’ and touched briefly on the subject of world politics. Normally, in a self development & spiritual discussion group, the topic would not be about politics. But last night a question was raised so I […]

Will You Crash When The Economy Does? Part 1

Back in the early 2000’s, I predicted several economic crashes that began with the 2008 global housing-market crash. This was to be the first of several ‘seismic events’ that leveled ( or, replaced ) the unsustainable world economy. The second event is imminent and is now upon us. Many top economists also predict this too, but they […]

Painting Rainbows

“Painting Rainbows” is a term I came up with to describe a denial technique that many people use to “pretty up” the bad experiences they are having. “Panting Rainbows” happens when someone “looks on the bright side” of the crappy situations in their life in an effort to escape the negative thoughts, feelings and physical […]

Spirituality in an Economic Downturn

Editors Note: This article is about perspectives. It is about how ‘the spiritual mindset’ can leave you in a vulnerable position when ‘reality’ strikes. The article is ultimately about flexibility and looking at life from different angles. The topic of economics is purely an example. * Recently, I have been doing a little homework on […]